Pasta with wild mushrooms in creamy Madeira sauce

Pasta with wild mushrooms in creamy Madeira sauce

I foraged some beautiful mushrooms in the woods today, and decided to do some cooking. Didn’t have much of a plan, but had some cream and some other stuff in the fridge. Turned out so goddamned tasty I just had to jot it down for future reference, so here you go!


For the mushroom sauce

  • 7-800 g assorted wild mushrooms*
  • 300 ml whipping cream
  • 40 ml Madeira
  • 30 grams grated Västerbotten cheese**
  • A metric shit ton finely chopped chives
  • A good handful lingonberries, fresh or frozen
  • Fine sea salt to taste

*In this specific recipe I used a mix of chanterelles, hedgehog mushrooms and bay bolete. Virtually any bolete or chanterelle family will do very nicely here.

**Västerbotten cheese (mangled to Westrobothnian cheese in English, apparently) is a well aged Swedish cheese from Västerbotten. It’s somewhat similar to Parmesan, salty, but with more bitter and acidic notes.

Fresh tagliatelle

  • 400 g flour
  • 4 hole free range organic eggs
  • 10 g fine sea salt


Start by making the pasta dough. Detailed instructions on how to make pasta right here. Alternatively, use some quality dried pasta, and boil according to package.

Make sure your mushrooms are cleaned (check out our mushroom cleaning guide here). Cut into suitable bite sizes, toss into a pan, sprinkle with a bit of fine sea salt. The salt will drive out moisture from the mushrooms. Reduce until all water has evaporated, and fry in a bit of oil at high heat until nicely browned all over.

Trun down the heat and add the whipping cream and Madeira. Let simmer down until it thickens nicely. Taste and season to perfection with fine sea salt.

Turn off the heat and stir in the chives. Throw in a handful fresh or frozen lingonberries and stir gently to combine. If using frozen berries, too vigorous stirring will cause them to break.

Serve over your favorite pasta. Finish with a sprinkle of chives.

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