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Pizza Bianco with honey cured bacon, rosemary and jalapeño peppers
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Pizza Bianco with honey cured bacon, rosemary & jalapeño peppers

So this is one of our long time classics that we can never get enough of. It started out many years ago as a visit to a restaurant, and we went home and optimized those already magnificent flavors. This is the result!

Homemade Pizza Grandiosa recipe
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Killer homemade Norwegian Pizza Grandiosa recipe

I hate Pizza Grandiosa with a passion. And yet it’s the most consumed frozen pizza in Norway, so no Norwegian food blog worth a grain of salt could be without a recipe for a homemade version of it. Here’s a Pizza Grandiosa that’s actually really, really delicious.

Beneteau 411 Refit

Get rid of condensation Part 2: How to insulate your boat!

In Part 1, we discussed the three pillars of condensation management; Heating, Insulation, and Ventilation. Now is the time for the practical implementation of these measures. Get ready for a shitload of pictures, a few surprises, facepalms and cursing…