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Norwegian tartlets with codballs in curry sauce

Our absolute best Norwegian cod recipes: traditional & contemporary!

It is not an exaggregation to say that the cod have saved the lives of many a Norwegian over the centuries. But this fish is also absolute peak culinary experience when cooked right. Here ‘s how to prepare cod the Norwegian way!

How we sold our house and moved aboard our boat

How we became liveaboards: A house reno horror story

Buy a house they said! It will be fun they said! Well let me tell ya what: It nearly killed us both. Thankfully we stumbled into a life-altering experience at sea that forced us to do some monumental changes in our lives. Here’s what happend.

Beneteau 411 Refit

Designing the ultimate High Latitude cockpit enclosure

Designing a cockpit enclosure that protects you from the scorching tropical sun AND the bone chilling winds of the North Sea, but ALSO lets you trim your sails with ease is no small feat. Here’s how we designed ours.