Norwegian tartlets with codballs in curry sauce

Our absolute best Norwegian cod recipes: traditional & contemporary!

It is not an exaggregation to say that the cod have saved the lives of many a Norwegian over the centuries. But this fish is also absolute peak culinary experience when cooked right. Here ‘s how to prepare cod the Norwegian way!

Many think cooking fish sounds scay; they like it when served at a restaurant, but do not dare to try at home. That’s why I put together this guide on how to cook truly restaurant worthy fish. If you feel confident though, just have a look at the recipes below, pick your favorite and get cooking!

The best Norwegian cod recipes:

Torsk i terteskjell med karrysaus:

Norwegian tartlets with codballs in curry sauce

This is a Norwegian classic from my childhood. We used it as a weekend evening meal, but it works great as a starter too. While my parents used store bought shells, here’s how to make everything from scratch.

Link: Norwegian tartlets with cod balls in mild curry sauce

Stekt torskerogn med sennepsaus:

Traditional Norwegian cod roe, mustard sauce & pickled carrots

Cod roe is a very traditional Norwegian eat, and I’m always looking forward to when the season starts in early January. It can be served many ways, but this is my favorite traditional way – pan fried, boiled potatoes, creamy mustard sauce, and quick pickled carrots for a fresh, crispy zing!

Link: Traditional Norwegian cod roe, mustard sauce & pickled carrots

Juletorsk & Sandefjordsmør:

Norwegian juletorsk recipe

Among the Big Five Christmas dinners here in Norway, this is by far the easiest to get right if you know how to do it. But the matter of fact is that most people have absolutely no clue how to make good fish. Here’s how to seriously kick ass at it.

Link: Traditional Norwegian Juletorsk Christmas cod & Sandefjordsmør

Fiskesuppe med fiskeboller:

Norwegian fiskesuppe

Fiskesuppe is one of the most iconic dishes in Norwegian coastal cuisine, and this is my take on the Norwegian classic fish soup. It’s quick and easy to make, and so delicious I just had it for my birthday!

Link: Norwegian Fiskesuppe fish soup with fish balls


Classic Norwegian fiskegrateng crispy fish pie

Fiskegrateng is proper Norwegian comfort food, on par with mac and cheese, and was one of my absolute favorite dinners as a kid. This recipe is for both the classic version, and my own little twist, so read on!

Link: Classic Norwegian fiskegrateng crispy fish pie


Norwegian cod burger recipe

I so love a great burger. But some times you want something a little bit lighter. Maybe even something a little bit, dare I say it, healthy? This burger is it, but it still checks all the right boxes, and it still feels utterly sinful to eat!

Link: A real juicy Norwegian cod burger recipe

Nøttepanert torsk med kremet sopp:

This is one of the easiest recipes I can think of, yet I would be very happy to be served something like this on a restaurant. It’s made in under 30 minutes, so what’s not to love about this contemporary Norwegian dish?

Link: Norwegian gourmet hazelnut crusted cod on creamy mushrooms

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